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Sweent Todd

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Sweent Todd


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  1. That is a pretty legit costume you have there. Nice attention to detail. You even got the razor holster, xD Most Sweeneys miss that detail. You are definitely one of the better Sweeneys on here. I care so much about detail because I did a Sweeney costume myself, been cosplaying Sweeney for 3 years. So I have had more than enough time to memorize all the details on his costume
    You also got the hair done very well and you bear a good resemblance to him.

    Where did you get your razor from? Is it one of the NECA Prop Replicas or was it custom made for you?

    I also love that you made a victim for yourself, you did a good job doing the throat slitting effect on it, nice use of blood too. It actually looks realistic. I find that so many people use crappy fake blood and it always turns out really light.

    Check out my deviantart http://www.sweeneyt-demonbarber.com for pictures of my Sweeney Todd costume

    And for people passing by..

    please vote for Your favorite Demon Barber!


    Comment by Sweeney Todd - August 3, 2011 @ 6:05 PM